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Recent Articles


Day 3 of P90X2 Review

Now on Day 3…had X2 Recovery and Mobility…Tony sure does love the roller pad.

Did X2 Core and Ploycide

Core had a couple outrageous moves…Holmsen Screamer Lunge was a tough one for me as well as One Leg Med Ball Burpe…that was a killer at the end of the workout.

Recovery and Mobility is going to help me I am sure. My weak spot has always been flexibility and I think this workout will help me improve. Yoga from P90x has done wonders for my flexibility and I can not wait to get into P90X2’s workouts.

I couldn’t believe a recovery workout was scheduled for Day 3, but I remember Asylum’s early recovery. I am waiting for the full body blast tomorrow with Total Body…yummy.


Starting the P90X2 Journey

Tomorrow (1/2/2012) I start P90X2.

I am 52 and have been through P90X, Insanity and Asylum. Now is the time for P90X2. Did my fitness test today.

Results are:

5’10” 179.5lbs

1. Pull-ups 8 (very strict, straight legs, chin over bar, no swinging)

2. Vertical Leap 11.5″

3. Push-ups 30 (2″ towel, very strict…touched towel every rep)

4. Touch Toe -1″

5. Wall Squat 1 min 30s

6. Bicep Curls 30lbs 12reps (very strict, no rest at all)

7. In and outs 25 in 1 min (HR 134)

8. HR Maximizer 160 (136 jumping jacks in 2 mins)
107 after 1 min
89 after 2 mins
89 after 3 mins
85 after 4 mins

Ready for X2 Core tomorrow, I would be interested in your fit test results.


What is Next?

I have completed P90X, Insanity, P90X/Insanity and Asylum. I am anxious to see the next version of P90X which is called MC2 or muscle confusion 2. Of all the Beachbody products P90X is my favorite program although combining it with Shaun T’s Insanity workouts is the best hybrid. That is just my opinion.
Right now I am just putting in whatever DVD I feel like doing that day(except for Sunday which are reserved for P90X Yoga). Yesterday was P90X Shoulders and Arms(my favorite) and the day before that was Insanity Cardio Resistance.
Keep eating healthy and staying active to reach your goals!


Day 28 of Insanity Asylum

Finished Day 28 of Asylum today. It was supposed to be Relief, but I replaced it with Yoga X. I sure do miss my P90x that is for sure. Tomorrow is Speed and Agility then I will be released from the Asylum. I am proof that old people can do Asylum also.

Took my Siberians for a run with me on the mountain bike. Not much work for me since I am being pulled by huskies.




Day 24 of Insanity The Asylum

Finished up Day 24 of Insanity The Asylum Strength. Can not believe I have less than a week left on this program. It has been a crazy ride, looking forward to being released from the Asylum. Not sure, but I will probably start another round of P90X with Insanity thrown in.
My rest day was Monday but I took it on Sunday so I could clean the house for my wife on Mother’s Day. We then took a nice and relaxing ride on our bikes. My legs really felt the hills.
Had Speed and Agility yesterday, those exercises moves quickly. Before you know it you are drenched in sweat, your heart is racing and 45 minutes have gone by.
Strength today, which meant more punishment from Shaun T with those dumbbell rotations. If there is a set of exercises I would throw in with P90X, it would be those. I can do all 24 reps, but I am a little slower on the last couple.


Day 19 of Asylum Gameday and Overtime

Felt fairly good throughout the Gameday workout. I had a tough time with those mountain climber push-ups. I modified towards the end and did not move up and down in the ladder, it was hard enough moving in and out of the ladder. Found my form was suffering so I stuck to what I could do. Another tough move in Gameday is the wrestling move, hard on my shoulders. Getting stronger though!
First time doing Overtime…whoa..was that tough. After 60 mins of Gameday this was a killer for me. A lot that I had to modify because Shaun T does a lot of one legged moves. Since my knee was still sore from Vertical Plyo, I modified and did some push-ups. What I did not expect was Shaun Ts surprise at the end…just when I thought I was done….



Day 17 of Asylum Strength

Day 17 done, felt much better than yesterday doing Strength today. Those dumbbell rotations are still a killer. I upped my weight in both the back and chest exercises. The warm-up is a tough one for me too. Starting out with the Halo dead lifts at 4:30am is a little tough. I have gotten in the habit of doing a few push-ups before pushing play.

I have another Relief coming and I am looking forward to it, I think my body is telling me to rest. I have a sore knee from Vertical Plyo still, I will be modifying those one legged jumps at the end from now on.

I have a choice of after workout meals, a smoothie or eggs.
This morning I threw in 1/2 cup of cooked brown rice into a pan, scrambled in 4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs. I eat it just like that or sometimes wrap it in a whole wheat tortilla. Tomorrow I will give you my smoothie recipe.



Day 15 Insanity The Asylum Done

Finished day 15 of Asylum this morning. Speed and Agility is the second hardest workout in this program (Vertical Plyo is THE hardest). Shaun T moves you through the exercises so quick that before you know it, 45 minutes are gone, you are dripping in sweat and your body is craving recovery.
I have given up on the jump rope, my basement ceiling are too low. I still great my heart rate elevated though.
Today my average heart rate was 139, peak 173, calories burned 619.


Day 13 of Insanity The Asylum Done

Day 13 Strength is done. Sure did feel better about this workout. Knowing what is coming and getting more coordinated about the moves helps.
Those rotational dumbbell exercises are still killer! I was able to keep up and did 8 reps of all 3, although I did shorten the last 2 runs on the final rotation.
Tomorrow is Relief, thinking of replacing it with P90X Yoga. I will decide in the morning.



Day 11 and 12 of Asylum Done

Finished another Back to Core workout this morning. I like the workout, but it is definitely not the cardio monster that I am used to with Shaun T. Yesterday was Day 11 of Asylum Gameday. I was really nervous about this one and expected it to be the hardest workout in the Asylum series. It wasn’t, I did burn over 600 calories and it was 60 minutes but my average heart rate was only 125. My average doing Vertical Plyo was in the 140s. Vertical Plyo is still the king!

Shaun T takes you through a lot of sports related moves including track, basketball, wrestling, soccer, tennis, skating, swimming, football, rock climbing and even surfing.

There are some really tough moves in this one including some killer mountain climber jacks. Another tough one for me was the wrestling exercise.

This was a really fun workout for me, hope you enjoy it too.

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